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Achieve seamless integration

When you drive intelligent energy delivery, you extract value across the entire energy ecosystem.

Which, in turn, facilitates the cost-efficient transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy and decarbonized transportation. Which is where everything is going these days.

EV Fleet Owners analytics help your fleet coordinate charging needs against utility and market conditions. It also happens to be the key to extending your fleet’s management capabilities and daily operations.

And that’s where is a game changer. By facilitating maximum value extraction for EV fleets today, EV Fleet owers/operators can better prepare for the next phase of customer participation in the energy markets.

Utilities allows utilities to analyze EV charging information from external and internal sources to identify, characterize, quantify, forecast, and model breaks. Before they break.

Running silently behind the scenes, provides managed-charging for each EV — from one transformer to the entire grid. Saving your utility time and reducing maintenance costs. (So, you have more of the former and less of the latter.)


By providing a detailed view of all your charging stations and government-owned fleets, lets you manage EV charging demand more effectively. Period.

So, you save money for your tax base. Reduce dependence on carbon asset help to meet robust ESG goals. And, keep your entire municipality running smoothly.

Market Aggregators

Tap into the only system-of-systems with modern analytics to extend the reach of your marketplace.

With, you can intelligently manage market demand, distribution, usage, and stakeholders across generation, transmission, markets, and the grid edge in front of and behind the meter.