EV trucks and buses need costly grid updates. Should utilities pay?

Stefanie Padgett

We have a choice…upgrade or add transformers and other utility equipment to accommodate EV charging and endure the cost that comes with that or implement “smart managed charging.” Currently, EV charging management software is based only on consumer preferences and behaviors. But what if you marry that with existing system and equipment capacity limits and real time market pricing? This is the future, and this is what Rhythmos has built.

This recent report by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found that replacements of transformers would cost over $570,000 over 25 years. They note that their estimate of transformer cost is not in line with the cost of transformers today so really this is a conservative estimate.

If instead the Utility decides to use smart charging management, the cost savings is stated to be $385,000 over 25 years when 2,381 customers are connected to a single feeder. For a medium-sized utility serving 700,000 customers, the adoption of smart charge management would result in over $110M in savings over 25 years. At current transformer prices this is more like over $200M in savings for just transformers. Think about all the other equipment we could prevent from costly upgrades. This is why I joined Rhythmos!

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this industry transformation taking place at unprecedented speed. Decarbonizing transportation will decrease the world’s carbon dioxide emissions by 25% alone. I get to help create the future I want for me and my kids.