EV Fleet Owners & Operators

Maximize the value of your EV fleets today. Be ready for the next phase of customer participation in the energy markets.

Fleets can use one or all Rhythmos.io modules in concert to achieve success.

Rhythmos.io helps fleets utilize existing infrastructure to cost-effectively serve growing EV-charging demand with modern analytics that help bring predictability, flexibility, and smart energy management to the grid.

Extend fleet management capabilities and daily operations. Coordinate charging needs against utility and market conditions. Rhythmos.io facilitates maximum value extraction for EV fleets today while preparing EV Fleet owners/operators for the next phase of customer participation in the energy markets.

And, to keep things from becoming more complex than they need to be, we include functionality similar to commercial fleet management that helps fleet managers monitor, schedule, and optimize EV fleet charging to reduce cost.

And that’s why our solution offers more — from tracking carbon and leveraging wholesale energy market pricing to integrating onsite distributed energy resources (DERs) such as energy storage and solar, and enabling new sources of revenue by using EV storage to deliver demand-response energy services back to the grid.

Transition Analysis and Planning

  • Assess transition cost for fleet planning

Rate Analysis and Optimization

  • Assess rate options to minimize energy and demand costs

EV Managed Charging Program

  • Day-ahead managed charging to minimize utility energy and demand costs

EV Optimization

  • In partnership with utility, optimize day-ahead EV charging to avoid overloads and leverage cheapest wholesale energy prices

DER Optimization

  • Integrate other fleet DERs and optimize day-ahead dispatch to avoid overloads and leverage best wholesale energy prices