Reduce your city’s dependence on carbon fuels using modern analytics to ramp up and optimize EV fleets and charging networks. helps municipalities utilize existing infrastructure to cost-effectively serve growing EV-charging demand by employing modern analytics that help bring predictability, flexibility, and smart energy management to the grid.

Providing a detailed view of all your charging stations and government-owned fleets, lets you manage EV charging demand more effectively. So, you save money for your tax base, reduce dependence on carbon asset help to meet robust ESG goals, and, keep your entire municipality running smoothly.

Plus, by including functionality similar to commercial fleet management, we reduce costs by helping city managers monitor, schedule, and optimize EV fleet charging and charging stations.

The bottom line: our solution offers more — from tracking carbon and leveraging wholesale energy market pricing to integrating onsite distributed energy resources (DERS) like energy storage and solar, and enabling new sources of revenue by using EV storage to deliver demand-response energy services back to the grid.